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In Pennsylvania as elsewhere in the nation, workers compensation is a no-fault system allowing injured workers to recover for their medical treatment costs, rehabilitation and retraining expenses, loss of wages and, in some cases, permanent disability. The process is not meant to be adversarial, but it is still advantageous to have an able advocate at your side. At the law office of John M. (Jack) Purcell, I can guide you through the process and work to help you recover the maximum benefits you are eligible to receive.

A committed counsel at each step of the process

At the law office of John M. (Jack) Purcell, I will make sure that your Pennsylvania workers claim is properly prepared from initial filing through administrative procedures and, if necessary, a hearing or mediation before a workers compensation judge.

While fault is not in question, calculating and proving the amount of damages requires a skilled and experienced workers compensation attorney. Recoverable damages include:

  • Medical bills — Doctors, hospitals and other licensed medical providers are paid for their services by the workers compensation insurer based upon a fee schedule.
  • Lost wages or salary — Injured workers are generally eligible for up to two-thirds of their weekly wage for their work-related injury. However, there are exceptions to this rule, which in some cases can result in a higher rate.
  • Rehabilitation expenses — Workers compensation also covers the necessary care (including physical and occupational therapy) to help injured employees get back to work.
  • Permanent total or partial disability — A worker who is judged to be unable to return to any kind of employment may be eligible to receive weekly benefits indefinitely. A worker less than 50 percent impaired is deemed partially disabled and receives lower payments.
  • Dependents’ recovery for worker’s death — If a worker dies due to an employment-related injury, their family is eligible for a funeral benefit as well as up to two years of compensation.

Each of these types of compensation requires the careful preparation of a case, along with medical examinations and other processes, which is why competent counsel is essential.

Attorney helps protect your legal rights in contested cases

If your claim for benefits is rejected, your case is assigned to a workers compensation judge. In many cases, the judge will schedule the case for mediation and, if that fails, for a settlement conference. Finally, the judge will hold a fact-finding hearing where evidence is presented. If the decision is adverse to the worker, there is a right of appeal to the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. Having a skilled attorney is vital at each step in this litigation process. During my years of practice I have handled many contested workers comp cases and appeals, and I can help achieve a successful outcome in your case.

A knowledgeable guide to navigate the workers compensation bar to civil suits

It’s also important to know that accepting workers compensation limits your rights to other remedies against a negligent employer. In some cases, it may be more advantageous to proceed with a personal injury claim, which allows recovery for general damages and pain and suffering, whereas a workers comp claim does not. I am skilled at analyzing whether you should waive your workers comp claim and seek recovery for negligence in civil court, and whether you should also pursue a negligent third party.

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John M. (Jack) Purcell, Attorney at Law, in Uniontown, PA is committed to resolving your workers compensation matter. Call my office today at 724-437-2711 or contact me online to set up a free initial consultation.

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